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Steph was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience which is amazing considering I have never liked shopping of any kind!! My husband would tell you that "I've never got anything to wear"!

I was so thrilled to hear that Steph was starting up her own business - I was certainly in need of some help. We stripped out my wardrobe - but whilst we did I tried on lots of my clothes in different combinations. Steph put clothes together so easily and then took photos of different outfits so I can look back and remind myself of the endless options I actually do have! She made so many of my clothes look so much more stylish!

She was great at identifying the gaps in my wardrobe and she's great in the shops! She knows exactly where to go, what to look for and very quickly pulled together some great outfits for me. She challenged me too and took me out of my comfort zone a little. I feel great in the clothes that I brought and in my 'old' clothes too! I've also had so many compliments which is always very nice!!

Steph is very passionate about what she does. It was clear she wanted to help me not only look great but feel great with inner confidence! I would highly recommend her whether it's for wardrobe weeding, shopping or styling! I will be coming back to Steph again and gain! Amazing! Thank you so much!!


Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of being styled by you.

I wasn't sure before as I am not a great shopper, its very hard work!

You made the whole experience feel comfortable and positive. I trusted you and it paid off. I got some beautiful outfit for my holidays and a couple of real stunning pieces of timelss wow factor.

Highly recommend you to anyone who needs some help or a revamp or just a great person to see them in a way they may not be able to themselves.

Thank you!


I have known Stephanie for over 20 years and I have seen her transform from a cool hip mum into a fabulous fashionista!

I recently had a day shopping and given I can never find anything I like or anything to fit me, I was sceptical on how the day would progress. From the outset, Steph was brilliant, we spent 6 hours shopping and visited about 4 stores.

Like most females, finding something you like about your shape isn't always easy, however Steph found it on me. Straight away, she chose outfits that suited my shape, colour and my wallet. My only difficulty was deciding what I wasn't going to buy!

I gave a tough brief on what I wanted to achieve for the day, well she smashed it and I came home with fabulous outfits. I also learned why some outfits will never look good on my shape and how to wear certain clothes. She even gave me tips on what jewellery to wear and how to accessories in general.

Shopping with Steph was a breeze and a very pleasureable experience. If you are like me and can never find anything you like, you definitely need Stephanie to open your eyes to the endless possibilities.


I cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough. Her eye for detail and talent for visualising the finished product is second to none. She took the time to understand me and my taste and helped me create the interior I actually wanted but know I wouldn't have been able to do by myself. Added to this she also saved me money whilst achieving a finished product of far better quality than I could have imagined. Ask Steph to help you, I promise you wont regret it. This woman is literally an interior genius.


I contacted Steph for help in finding a dress for a black tie function in London. Being quite new to the country I really needed help with where to go. I had one goal; to find a dress that made me look forward to the event rather than dread it. Steph took me to Westfield in London. we chatted easily in the car on the way there and I found myself really excited about the day ahead. At all times Steph was honest, positive and friendly. She gained my trust instantly. Through Steph's guidance I was able to discover exactly the style of dress that flattered my figure and the colours that suited my skin tone. Through the course of the day the most incredible thing happened: I stopped focusing on my flaws and actually saw myself in a much more positive light. Not only had Steph found me the perfect dress (well within my budget, which meant I could splurge on some pretty special shoes!), she had turned my whole self perception around. I will always be grateful to her for that. At the end of the day I headed home with the complete outfit, including the perfect bra for under the dress. Steph's knowledge and eye for style is incredible and I will not hesitate in using her services again for my next special occasion. 


I really cannot thank you enough - I cannot believe how much we got through but I am aware there is plenty more work to be done. I will attempt to clear the rest but I have a horrible feeling I'll be begging you to come back (or bidding for you to come back!) at some point in the future. I don't know how I survived without you! A friend saw me at the school and said "ooh, you look very smart!", I didn't think I looked particularly smart but compared to my usual look, I suppose I did! Everyone is looking forward to seeing my new looks. Thank  you.



A really enjoyable experience. Many thanks. Our son is very impressed!


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